Autumn days in locked-down Arrowtown

Here’s an extra edition of Sounding Board to help fill in time for you avid readers out there, especially now that daylight savings has finished and we have longer evenings! If you have friends or family who would be interested, please feel free to forward a copy to them.

Posted Thursday April 16, 2020

Although lockdown has been challenging for us all, I’ve managed to practice what I preach and get out each morning for a brisk walk. Arrowtown is looking stunning as the autumn colours start to take effect. This picture, snapped on my morning outing, hopefully captures quintessential Central Otago. 

Early morning autumn colours — Image by: Simon Melville

In keeping with lockdown, we’ve all started to work in different ways and routines! I’ve set up office in our 1970s caravan to escape two noisy boys – we’ve aptly named it “Audiology South Arrowtown.”

Welcome to Audiology South Arrowtown — Image by: Bede Melville

The team at Audiology South has been busy on ‘behind the scenes’ things, including getting our client database up to speed. Our clinicians have been providing telecare support for those with hearing and hearing aid issues, as well as taking part in online learning initiatives.

Our hearing aid partners have organised conference calls and provided webinars to broaden our knowledge and hone our clinical skills. We’ve summarised one of these, a paper on dementia and hearing loss intervention, in this issue. We’ve also included an article on hearing aid troubleshooting, so if you’re having any issues with your hearing devices here’s a good place to start!

Unfortunately, the lockdown has impacted on the progress of the fitout of our new premises in Arena Avenue, Invercargill. The move to the new site is likely to be a month or more delayed, but we’ll keep you posted when we reopen.

Happy reading, and if you need help or have any suggestions, please email (or phone) Simon Melville for the Southland/Central Otago region:, 021 933 922, or Anthony Rowcroft for the Otago region:, 021 344 006.

Simon Melville, Director and Senior Audiologist


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