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What we do

With the reputation of being Southland’s number one diagnostic hearing loss clinic, we provide:

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Hearing Assessments

Hearing Checks:

A basic listening screening takes no more than 15 minutes and will identify if you have a hearing loss or fall within the normal hearing range. More >

Hearing Assessments:

More detailed audiology tests determine your ability to detect sounds and discriminate between them. Suitable for all adults and children as young as 2½ years. More >

Cochlear Implant and Bone-Anchored Hearing Aid Assessments:

For those whose hearing is too poor for hearing aids or have a medical/ear condition. More >

ACC, Veteran Affairs & Hearing Assessments for other Government agencies (e.g. DOC, MOH etc):

We have the certified test equipment and facilities required by government agencies. More >

Occupational/Work Place Hearing Assessments:

We consider employers in noisy industries should proactively take responsibility for the hearing health of their workforce and encourage them to assess their employees’ hearing before they join and at regular intervals during employment to signal any deterioration (ideally annually or biannually) either in the workplace or at the clinic itself. If there is unavoidable noise exposure in your workplace, why not call us for a quotation? More >

Civil Aviation (CAA) hearing assessments:

For pilots, air traffic controllers and anyone involved in the aviation industry.

Central Processing Assessments:

Advanced diagnostic hearing tests aimed at assessing your or your child’s hearing performance in difficult listening environments that are simulated with special test equipment.

Ear Nose and Throat(ENT) hearing assessments:

ENT specialists often require specific tests prior to surgery. We work closely with local surgeons Patrick Dawes, Matthew Leaper and Dean Ruske to ensure that these tests are carried out correctly and on time!

Sports hearing appraisals:

For those contemplating activities such as scuba diving.

Tinnitus assessments:

Assessment and identification of the underlying cause, advice on treatment options. More >

Hearing aid evaluations and sales

Following a hearing check or assessment, our team may consider your hearing challenge as suitable for amplification with hearing aids. If this is the case, our team will guide you through the options that suit your specific hearing challenges and lifestyle. We supply a number of leading global hearing aid brands.

Recent advances in digital hearing aid technology, have resulted in a wider choice of options with many helpful accessories to further improve your hearing in specifically challenging environments. We’ll recommend the styles of hearing aids which are best suited for you, your lifestyle and your budget. We’ll also outline the government subsidies which exist in NZ and assist you with your application. More >


Hearing aid check-ups and recalibration

Everyone’s hearing changes over time, as do hearing aids, so we recommend regular performance checks to monitor how well the two are aligned. It may well be that your lifestyle has changed since you were first assessed and you need an enhancement. Or as age affects your eyesight or dexterity, you may find that you require controls that are easier to use. Or it may just be that your current aid has seen better days. Whatever the reason, it’s our job to ensure that your optimum levels of hearing are reached. Like your dentist or optician, we recommend an annual appointment should be enough to keep any niggles at bay. If you need an upgrade, we can talk about your options and make sure you have access to the latest technology to help you get the most out of life.

Tuning, servicing and repairs

Hearing aids, like all electronic devices, require regular servicing to ensure the sound output is calibrated to be the best it can be for you. So, at Audiology South, we can service any make or model by linking it to our specialised equipment. Problems such as whistling or feedback can easily be resolved on-site, but should your hearing device need a more complex repair; we can send it away, fitting you with a temporary hearing aid free-of-charge in the meantime.

Funding advice

We can advise of relevant government subsidies and assist you with your application. More >

Accessories and Support

Talk to us about accessories for your hearing aid – we’ll be delighted to show you how to use every item we sell, so don’t be afraid to ask our friendly staff. Spare parts include wax filters (to protect devices from wax ingress), and drying kits (to prevent moisture from building up inside your precious aids).

We also stock a range of ear lubricant creams (to help with inserting hearing aids and stop irritating ear itch), spare tubing, domes and cleaning instruments (to ensure your hearing aids are in tip-top form every time you use them).

Plus, our range of Hearing aid batteries has something for everyone; not only do we stock several different leading brands of batteries suited to hearing aid use, we have them in all sizes. We’ll be happy to provide you with the best advice for your particular model and your needs – and you may be interested in joining our Battery Club for some great deals!


Hearing test

The best way to know if you have a hearing problem is to test your hearing sensitivity. Don’t wait until it gets worse, let us help today!
Book an Appointment with our friendly experienced clinical team.

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Get your hearing aid serviced

Did you know that your hearing aids should be serviced every year?

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Funding for hearing aids

The really good news is that there are some great hearing aid funding options for NZ residents; most adults will qualify for either the Government’s subsidy or another funding assistance option.

At Audiology South, it will be our pleasure to do all we can to help you assess your options and apply for the funding which best suits you and your particular circumstances.

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