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A new addition to the Oamaru community

The Oamaru clinic is going well since opening in August.

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A cultural business exchange

Four South Korean hearing care professionals came for three days to experience Kiwi audiology

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The countdown to the holidays has started

We know you’ll want your hearing at its best so now is a good time to stock up on batteries and consumables.

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Dugald Mactavish does his bit for the environment

Congratulations to Dugald Mactavish on receiving a QSM in the Queens Birthday Honours for services to conservation and the environment.

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Keeping up with technology

Audiology South keeps up with hearing technology developments

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Hearing aids keep me included in life

Grant Hubber thought his hearing troubles were tinnitus, until he had a hearing test

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Be on the alert for sudden hearing loss

Sudden hearing loss, also known as sudden sensorineural hearing loss (SSHL) or sudden deafness, happens quickly, at most over 3 days, and often in just one ear.

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Reporting from the NZAS Conference

The news from the NZAS conference is indeed remarkable! Held in the first week of July, audiology specialists gathered in Queenstown to future-gaze and review current research.

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What to expect during a hearing test

If you’re thinking about booking a hearing test, you may be wondering what type of appointment you need.

There are different tests for different purposes and hearing conditions. Your audiologist will advise you which type of appointment is most suitable for you.

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