"As revolutionary for hearing as when people started getting their eyes lasered".

To say Ron is a convert to Lyric hearing devices might just be an understatement.

Posted Monday May 6, 2024

Like many, Ron’s family were the first to notice that his hearing was in decline, and whilst he joked that it was just “selective”, he took their advice to “get it sorted” making an appointment to see Audiologist and Director, Simon Melville at our Queenstown clinic.

“All I could imagine was the big things my father had”, so when Simon confirmed that his hearing was impaired and that he would benefit from hearing devices, Ron was shocked at the size of the Lyric. “I actually said ‘you’re kidding!’”.

Lyric hearing aids are placed deep inside the ear canal and are 100% invisible, worn 24/7 and replaced every couple of months.

Ron took advantage of the 30-day free trial to see if the Lyric was right for him, and had great delight in teasing his family that his hearing was fine, before confirming that he had aids in.

100% Improvement

Ron believes his hearing has had a “100% improvement” from wearing the Lyric declaring, “I can hear everything”.

Lyric aids are never turned off and can be worn in the shower; without the daily reminder of his hearing loss, Ron “forgets they’re there”.

“Because they’re invisible, they’re not a discussion point… unless I want them to be”.

Conscious of the perception that hearing aids can “age” people and be seen as a “weakness”, Ron has become an advocate for the Lyric hearing device and getting your hearing checked in general. “I’ve told so many ‘do you realise you can get hearing aids this size?!’”.

A positive side effect

The new hearing aids have had an unexpected positive side effect for Ron, with the Tinnitus he suffered from, “basically gone” as soon as he started wearing them.

Lyric is available at our Invercargill, Queenstown, Wānaka & Dunedin clinics.

You can read more about Lyric Hearing Aids HERE, including the opportunity to try the Lyric yourself, free, for 30 days. 


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