Travelling with rechargeable hearing aids – what you need to know

Many of us have upcoming travel plans to catch up with family and friends, so we thought it important to let you know how to pack your devices for travel, including your rechargeable hearing aids.

Posted Wednesday December 7, 2022

Almost all rechargeable devices contain lithium-ion —phones, laptops, cameras, and hearing aid chargers. Most airlines prefer you to pack your lithium-ion devices in your carry-on luggage, however, some may also allow them to be packed in your checked baggage. There may also be a limit on how many devices you can have in your carry-on luggage so please ensure you know the rules of your specific airline and prioritise your hearing aid charger over less important devices.

Why do we need to be careful when travelling with a lithium-ion device? Air New Zealand’s website states: “Lithium batteries can discharge their power very quickly if they short-circuit. This can happen when unprotected, spare battery and power bank terminals contact other metal items, e.g. coins, keys etc. The more powerful the battery, the bigger the risk. That’s why we limit the size and number of batteries you can bring when you fly with us.” If you would like to read more from this article, you can do so here.


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