Great reasons to wear a woolly hat and keep your ears cosy this winter!

With winter in full force, now's the time to pack a hat or earmuffs before heading out.

Posted Sunday June 9, 2024

Ears are particularly vulnerable to the cold and benefit from an extra layer of protection during the cold months. Read on to find out why wearing a hat is a great idea to look after your ears and hearing aids.

❄ Ears are particularly vulnerable to cold weather because they don’t have the same layer of fat that protects the rest of our bodies. The cold weather can trigger tinnitus for some people.

❄ Moisture can build up in your hearing aids in cold temperatures. Along with keeping your ears cosy when you're out, you can also place your aids near a dehumidifier, use a drying box, or open the battery doors when you're home to remove any excess moisture.

Bonus tip: cold weather can negatively impact batteries, shortening their life expectancy. Have an extra supply of batteries on hand and try to store them at room temperature to get the best out of them!

Happy winter everyone! ❄


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