Purchase new hearing aids for a FREE $750 gift voucher

Did you know that we all have different shaped ears? Your ear is unique to you, and the sound you hear is uniquely yours.

Posted Tuesday November 23, 2021

Audiology South knows this, and as the only locally owned, independent clinic in Otago and Southland, we work to ensure your hearing devices suit your hearing needs.

Most hearing devices capture sound only from behind the ear, which isn’t how your ears were designed by nature, so what you hear can end up sounding less natural. These new devices have the traditional microphones behind the ear, but also have a third that sits discreetly inside your ear canal — technology called M&RIE (microphone & receiver-In-ear).

These new devices give your brain additional information to help process sound, requiring less effort for you to tune in and enjoy conversations, anywhere. With a microphone inside your ear, fitted to your unique ear shape, you experience a better sense of space, direction, depth and location of sounds. You and your hearing aids work as one.

Modern hearing devices are stylish and discreet, and these are no exception. They are also designed for ultimate comfort and performance, and will connect with your smartphone over Bluetooth so you can control them and stream audio. With a little bit of ‘training’ they will automatically adjust to your listening environment, even in noisy, challenging situations, and the rechargeable model offers well over a day’s worry-free use.

So what makes these devices so special?

  • The unique microphone placement inside your ear reduces wind noise.
  • All Access Directionality automatically adjusts to your listening situations so you’re always in the best position to hear what’s important and still monitor the sounds around you. It lets your brain decide what to listen to, not your hearing aids.
  • Ultra Focus concentrates on the speech of the person in front of you, without isolating you from other sounds. This powerful technology will help you feel confident to have conversations you might have avoided in the past.
  • ReSound ONE has the longest rechargeable battery life and gives well over a day’s worth of worry-free use. There are two stylish and portable charging cases to choose from, to suit your needs and lifestyle.
  • The ReSound Smart 3D app controls audio, music, and phone calls directly from your iPhone or Android smartphone to your hearing aids, all via the stable Bluetooth® Low Energy.

We are here to help

Audiology South is a locally owned, independent audiology clinic, and is free to prescribe the best solution for your hearing. We work with you to find what suits both your hearing needs and budget. We back all the solutions we prescribe, and work with a range of hearing technology suppliers. You can trust our independent, unbiased advice.

$750 Noel Leeming voucher

When you purchase these new hearing aids we’ll give you a $750 Noel Leeming gift card (T&Cs apply) to update your mobile phone to a fully compatible model. To experience this new technology, call 0800 547 836 to find out more, or book online.


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