If you’re thinking of better hearing, now is a good time to come see us.

14 day, no-obligation trial of new hearing aids with the bonus of FLEX UPGRADE™

Posted Monday March 11, 2024

Call 0800 547 836 or book online for a FREE hearing test and a 14-day FREE, no obligation trial of new hearing aids — offer available until the end of May.

Your audiologist will help you select the best aids to suit your individual needs. Wear them in your home environment for 14 days and experience the improvements they bring to your life.

If you decide to keep them, these nifty little devices also come with an initiative called FLEX:UPGRADE™, so anytime during their lifetime you can chose to upgrade the technology, in-clinic, at minimal cost. 

That’s right, the hearing aids don't have to be sent to the manufacturer to be upgraded, and you don't have to buy a new pair to take advantage of advancements in technology.

It’s a good way to future-proof your hearing needs.


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