Theres nothing like the sound of Paradise

If youve been thinking about trying hearing aids, or its time to replace your old ones, now is a good time to come see us.

Posted Friday February 19, 2021

During the months of February and March we’re offering a fantastic opportunity to test drive Paradise™ hearing aids, free for 14 days, to see if this technology fit your needs. And there is no obligation to buy.

Paradise™ rechargeable aids come complete with Bluetooth connectivity to connect with smartphones, TV and other devices. They offer crisp natural sound, brilliant speech understanding, personalised noise cancelling, and many other features to make them easy to use.

Book your FREE 14-day hearing aid trial today, call o8oo 547 836. (Terms and conditions apply)

And don’t forget to ask about the $1022.22 government subsidy on a pair of hearing aids.


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