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Hearing tests and assessments

Audiology South has the very latest technology to assess your unique hearing loss needs and guide you to the next stage. We offer a wide range of hearing checks at the clinic such as basic exploratory investigations (to confirm that hearing loss is an issue)  Tinnitus assessments, Civil Aviation appraisals, and everything in between.

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Hearing Checks

A basic listening screening usually takes no more than 15 minutes and uses pure tones (specific, calibrated beeps) to gauge if you have a hearing loss or fall within the normal hearing range. Because these checks are brief and rely on you communicating your hearing responses accurately, they are not recommended for children under 16 years of age. Those below this age threshold or requiring more detailed assessments would be better to have a full hearing assessment.

Hearing Assessments

In a hearing assessment, your audiologist will take you through a selection of detailed audiology tests, including tones and speech, to determine your ability to detect sounds and discriminate between them. Pressure testing or ‘immittance’ is also used to measure the health of your ear drum and middle ear. These tests are suitable for all adults and children as young as 2½ years. Younger children may require us to refer them to the hospital for specialist tests.

Cochlear Implant and Bone-Anchored Hearing Aid Assessments

For those whose hearing is getting too poor for hearing aids to cope with or who may have a medical/ear condition which prevents them from wearing hearing aids, other options of hearing assistance may be more appropriate. Read more...

Other tailor-made hearing assessments include

Hearing Assessments for ACC, Veteran Affairs and other Government agencies:

You may be eligible for funding assistance towards your hearing loss and, at Audiology South, we will be delighted to help you with your claim every step of the way. Most people don’t realise that as the claim progresses, the costs of assessment are usually met by the government agencies themselves, and because we have years of experience in this field, we provide FREE advice to help you navigate the process with ease. We also have the specialised and certified test equipment and facilities approved by these government agencies, so we are confident we can simplify your application and help you achieve the funding assistance you need.

Occupational/Work Place Hearing Assessments:

If there is unavoidable noise exposure in your workplace, we’d strongly recommend baseline hearing assessments for employees prior to starting work, and then at recommended intervals thereafter. Audiology South can also assess any member of staff at any point in their working career and we can come to you, to minimise cost for your business.

Civil Aviation (CAA) hearing assessments:

For pilots, air traffic controllers and anyone involved in the aviation industry.

Central Auditory Processing Assessments:

Advanced diagnostic hearing to assess you or your child’s hearing performance, particularly in noisy or difficult listening environments. Where we detect hearing issues, we’ll make the appropriate recommendations to help improve these challenges.

Ear Nose and Throat (ENT) hearing assessments:

Should you be undergoing surgery to correct hearing loss, often your ENT specialist will require certain specific tests to be performed as a work up or after surgery, to ensure you get the best results. ENT Southland operates from our building and we have a close association with three leading ENT surgeons in the South Island: Patrick Dawes, Matthew Leaper and Dean Ruske.

Sports hearing appraisals:

For those contemplating activities such as scuba diving.

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