Hearing Aid Brands

Hearing aid brands including GN Hearing, Sivantos, Phonak, and Oticon.

Our 10 hearing clinics across Otago, Southland and Central Otago supply and fit all leading hearing aid brands by GN Hearing, Sivantos, Sonova and Oticon.

Audiology South supplies and fits all leading brands of hearing aids. You can rest assured that you will get the best technology available worldwide. Following each hearing check, our hearing experts are free to choose the products that best suit your individual hearing needs. Your solution will be tailored to match the degree and type of your hearing loss, your lifestyle and communication needs, and your budget.

We’d like to introduce you to five of the leading hearing aid brands we work across— GN Beltone, GN ReSound, Sivantos (Signia), Phonak, and Oticon. These companies supply a range of products, styles and sizes including custom in the ear devices (ITE), receiver-in-the-canal (RIC), and behind-the-ear (BTE). Their accessories and remote microphone technologies extend the function and range of their hearing aids.

GN Beltone

Originally a leading brand from North America, Beltone was acquired by GN Hearing and is now represented in over 40 countries across the globe. is one of the largest hearing instrument manufacturers in the world. With hearing devices for mild to profound hearing losses, Beltone is renowned for its flexibility to suit all degrees of hearing loss along with their records in reliability and innovation. Beltone’s latest platform Achieve has been designed to optimise hearing in noise whilst allowing users to still experience a natural sound quality for environmental sounds about them. Beltone’s M&RIE receiver technology is designed to enhance their Achieve RIC hearing aids to allow users optimal hearing particularly in environments with noise and wind.

GN ReSound

Danish firm GN Hearing is one of the largest hearing instrument manufacturers in the world. Their products include all styles and sizes — CIC, RIC, and BTE. Their wireless accessories pair directly with hearing aids to stream sound from TVs, computers, smart phones and other devices, and the Multi Mic extends the hearing range. ReSound’s latest platform Omnia hearing instruments receive phone calls and other audio streamed signals such as music directly from Apple devices and from Android systems using Android 10 and Bluetooth version 5.0.


With years of hearing device manufacture, Oticon (by Demant of Denmark) launched the first-ever fully digital hearing device, Digifocus, in 1996. Since then, Oticon have continued to bring innovative technology to the hearing aid market. Their latest range, REAL, uses deep neural networking (a version of artificial intelligence) to help support wearers in difficult listening environments. Real allows direct audio streaming with Apple and the latest Android device releases. For those interested in custom made, in the ear devices, Oticon’s OWN series is made uniquely for you and packed full of AI technology and feature for optimal listening. Oticon are also part of the ‘If This Then That’ (IFTTT) initiative that links various technologies through the internet.


Swiss firm Phonak (by Sonova) is a global provider of hearing technology with offices and a manufacturing lab right here in Auckland, New Zealand. Phonak lead the industry with a full range of hearing aid styles and technology levels, along with their extensive range of remote microphones and wireless accessories. Recent product releases include their Lumity and Paradise, ranges of aids allowing full connectivity to Apple and Android devices plus rechargeable versions allowing a full day of wearing on just 3 hours of charge time. Their LIFE range of instruments are designed to be highly water resistant/ waterproof whilst also being fashionable in size and style, along with rechargeable battery technology. Phonak also supply the small and discrete Virto Titanium micro CIC sized hearing aids, plus LyricTM, the totally invisible hearing aid solution worn 24/7.


Sivantos was previously part of the German brand Siemens, which has a 130-year history in hearing technology. Today, Sivantos is one of the largest and most innovative hearing instrument manufacturers in the world. Their new Signia range of hearing aids includes all custom ranges, RIC as well as BTE models including rechargeable options across all hearing aid form factors. Sivantos were amongst the first brand to launch Telecare – an innovative on-line tool to allow audiologists to remotely fine tune hearing aids to their client’s preferences.