Live life fully with better hearing

Life is for living to its fullest, whatever that looks like for you... whether you're hitting the trails and listening to the nature around us, catching up with friends in a noisy gym or café, leading from the front at work or spending quality time with the family.

If you feel your hearing is holding you back, now's the time to check in with Audiology South.


Book a FREE* Hearing Consultation at Audiology South

During a hearing consultation, you'll receive a full diagnostic assessment with one of our Audiologists to understand your hearing and in what situations you feel it's letting you down.

If we discover your hearing could benefit from further support, our Audiologists will chat with you on what devices would best suit you, your lifestyle and budget.  


Hearing devices have come a long way...


  • They're DISCREET... nothing like what our parents and grandparents used to wear
  • They're RECHARGEABLE with not as many fiddly bits to change over
  • They can keep up with and SUPPORT your lifestyle, whatever that entails
  • They can be WATER RESISTANT, so wearing a hearing device shouldn't stop you from getting out
  • They can be as HIGH TECH as you're comfortable with... connect to your phone and listen to music or answer calls, connect to your television and set the volume where you want it, or track your fitness, including heart rate and steps, all through your hearing devices!


Whatever life throws your way, our next generation hearing devices are there to support you (rather than being the main character!). 


Save up to $1,300 on new generation hearing devices


Ready to take the next step? Right now, you can save up to $1,300* on our new generation hearing devices!

With clinics throughout Otago, Southland and Central Otago, there will be an Audiology South near you.


Book your free consultation by calling us on 0800 547 836 or find our nearest clinic to you.


*Ts&Cs apply. Hearing consultation valued up to $80. Offer ends 31 August 2024.