A new clinic, fantastic technology, and what neuroscience tells us about hearing

Kia ora readers. It’s great to bring you another edition of Sounding Board at the same time as we open our latest clinic in Wānaka.

Posted Wednesday July 26, 2023

We’re super proud to be launching our 10th clinic, providing more access and choice to people in Central Otago. The doors open at 8:30am on Monday 31 July, so be sure to catch the article in this edition as we introduce some of the team and our opening specials. If you live or visit the region, we look forward to being of service to you!

Our latest campaign offering the chance to try out Swiss brand Phonak’s new hearing aid technology for 14 days free, is proving ever popular. These instruments have all the features we’ve come to expect, such as rechargeable batteries and Bluetooth compatibility, but also look and sound great. I’ve been fitting a lot of their Slim form devices, which nicely tuck in to the wearer’s hairline behind the ear, making them really discrete. 

Recently I was lucky to attend a hearing symposium in Auckland hosted by one of the hearing aid companies. Dr Suzanne Purdy and Dr Peter Thorne were the presenters — two leading New Zealand researchers in the field of hearing. It took me back a bit — the last time I was in a room with these two was some 29 years ago during my audiology training at the University of Auckland. Wow, how time has flown, and how the field of audiology has changed! I’ve summarised some of the take-home messages from their keynote speeches, which I’m sure you’ll find interesting. I’ve included Dr Purdy’s key messages in this issue, and will share Dr Thorn’s in the upcoming Sounding Board. 

Happy reading folks; we hope this winter is treating you all well, and until the next edition stay warm.

Simon Melville
Managing Director and Senior Audiologist


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