Winter is here! Grab a cuppa, settle down and enjoy the read

Welcome to our first winter issue of Sounding Board. Our thoughts are with the many people in south Canterbury who have been affected by the storms and floods. Stand strong.

Posted Tuesday June 8, 2021

Audiology South is often asked how well we have fared post-Covid. The good news is we were very busy this past year, and 2021 looks equally busy! No doubt our industry is benefitting from the continued economic recovery, fuelled by lots of New Zealanders staying home and spending their discretionary incomes on their houses and healthcare.

New Zealanders are also out and about seeing our beautiful country, with many flying between destinations. We have important information about packing your bags for a flight for anyone who uses rechargeable hearing aids, so make sure you read our article on air travel and hearing aid chargers.

We spend more time socialising indoors in winter, so now is a good time to think about how things are going with your hearing. It could also be a good time to try hearing aids for the first time. Or are you thinking about upgrading your existing aids? What More could you hear?

Our suppliers are invested in the New Zealand market and continue to bring new products and innovations to market, such as Oticon More™, which was launched in late January this year. Audiology South has a great offer in conjunction with Oticon More™ hearing aids and you can read about it in this issue.

Phonak has just launched a range of over-the-counter, easy to fit, high quality hearing protection for under $80, which is great, and all of our clinics have these in stock. There is a series of these plugs for different applications — music, sleep, work, motorsport. You can read more about Serenity Choice in this issue.

As a locally-owned business, Audiology South also cares for the profession of audiology in New Zealand. We sponsor a clinical excellence prize for Canterbury University Master of Audiology students, and this year Cynthia McGill was the recipient. Cynthia is featured in this issue, accepting the prize … Congratulations Cynthia.


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