Today is World Hearing Day: take care of your precious hearing

March 3 is World Hearing Day and to mark the occasion Audiology South is ramping up its activities. The theme this year is “To hear for life, listen with care!”

Posted Wednesday March 2, 2022

A common cause of hearing loss — exposure to loud sound — can be prevented, so this year’s focus is on the importance of protecting ourselves from workplace noise, and awareness and management of recreational sound exposure — safe listening.

March already! Apologies for not getting our newsletter out sooner — it’s been a busy start to the year, and we’ve all been enjoying this lovely summer.

The crystal ball is a bit hazy going into 2022 as there’s still much uncertainty around the pandemic and current global events. If there is one lesson we’ve learned it’s don’t put things off — this applies to your hearing too! So, take the chance now to enjoy the benefits of better hearing.

We have a new hearing aid in clinic that makes communication face to face, over the phone and on-line so much easier. Its unique feature is technology called microphone & receiver-in-ear (M&RIE). As well as the traditional microphones behind your ear, it also has a third that sits inside your ear canal, and the result is you experience a better sense of space, direction, depth and location of sounds. You can read more about its features in this newsletter.

Until March 2022 we’re offering $1000 off the price of a pair of these hearing aids when you trade in your current model. And we’ll recycle your trade-in to benefit people who can’t afford hearing aids. So get prepared for the year ahead and make the most of life!

In this edition also we provide you with troubleshooting tips if your hearing aids play up and provide a timely reminder to insure your hearing aids. We also have a peek into the progress of our sponsored Hearing Dog puppy-in-training and are delighted to announce some results of our Hear for Christmas campaign.

As we go into autumn, we hope everyone enjoyed this wonderful summer, and had the chance to connect with friends and family. Summer holidays are a time when we’re reminded just how important our hearing is to enable us to communicate with every family member. Many of us also enjoy getting outdoors and exploring New Zealand’s wonderful natural environment — who doesn’t love the sound of birdlife, a gurgling river, or the sound of waves lapping the lakeshore or beach?

Anthony Rowcroft
Director and Senior Audiologist


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