We’re open for business …

Our clinic doors are open, and we’re delighted to be back to help with your hearing and tinnitus needs! Many of us parents are also relieved to see our kids go back to school — home schooling is fun, but it can be trying at times.

Posted Sunday May 17, 2020

It was great to be able to remotely help with your queries during the lockdown, but it’s even more rewarding when we can do it in person. Rest assured, we’re taking extra precautions and following the health and safety guidelines in all of our clinics to ensure your visits are safe. So if you’re hearing aids need a service, or you want to stock up on supplies, be sure to come in.

We’re also excited that building work has restarted at our new site in Invercargill. We’ll keep you posted about our move date.

During the lockdown we haven’t been sitting idle. We’ve been busy working on the business, including tidying up databases and admin, and improving our business systems.

Our clinicians have been immersed in educational training and getting up to speed with remote-support technology so we can help you at home and you won’t have to come into the clinic for some appointments. About a fortnight ago, Stuff news ran an article in the Business section about how we are doing this. If you missed it, you can read it here, www.stuff.co.nz/business/prosper/your-stories/121426740/from-the-restrictions-of-covid19-has-come-the-freedom-of-innovation

We’ve also been working with our website team to set up an online shop to sell hearing aid batteries and parts. You’ll soon be able to shop from these over the web and have them shipped direct to your door. We should have this ready soon, and will let you know when it ‘goes live’, including a first-order special to get you going.

To celebrate re-opening, we have an exciting offer! One of our leading European suppliers has a risk-free, 14-day trial of its latest hearing aid technology. These instruments have some great features to help hearing in noisy situations, and can link to almost any Bluetooth device for better telephone conversations or music listening. So, if you’d like to take them for a test drive, at no cost, book your 14-day trial at: https://get.audiologysouth.co.nz/hearingaidthatdoesitall/

In this edition of Sounding Board we introduce you to Holly the cavoodle, and online experiences to explore at home, we take a look at hearing hazards around the home and the different types of hearing aid batteries.

If you have any ideas or suggestions for items you’d like covered for some great stay-at-home, winter reading, be in touch, we’d love to hear from you.


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