What a year it has been

2021 has continued to be full of surprises, not only with managing life in a continuing epidemic, but also with some interesting developments in technology, including the world’s first hearing aid that uses artificial intelligence (AI) to assist wearers to hear better in groups and noise.

Posted Wednesday December 8, 2021

Our Invercargill and Queenstown clinics also introduced Lyric — a completely invisible, tiny hearing aid that we carefully place directly into the ear canal and sits close to the ear drum. And although the global supply chain for many products has been significantly disrupted, luckily we’ve only seen a few shortages for some brands and products.

To celebrate Christmas, during December 2021 we have a special offer on consumables and batteries, as well as agift cardofferwith hearing aid purchases available in clinic, so be sure to call in and see us prior to the holidays.

Operating under the traffic light system

As a healthcare provider we must remain open to all clients — vaccinated or unvaccinated. When you come into our clinics, we do require you to scan in or fill in our log book, and we’ll ask all clients to wear face masks and keep a social distance. Please make sure you are in good health, and if you’re unwell at the time of your appointment do let us know as we can easily reschedule. Thanks for your understanding. If you need more information, call us on 0800 547 836.

Protect your hearing during the holidays

It’s usual to advise people not to overdo it during the holidays, and this advice applies to your hearing as well. During summer it is great to be outside with music or sport in your ear pods, however, be aware that sound which is too loud or goes on for too long can damage your hearing. Read our advice below on a safe listening volume and assessing how long is too long.

Season’s greetings to all

On a final note, as we say goodbye to 2021 we’d like to thank you for your ongoing custom and support. We wish all our clients and their families a safe and happy holiday season, and can’t wait to welcome you back in 2022.

Simon Melville
Senior Audiologist and Managing Director


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