World Hearing Day is this Friday, 3 March

Greetings! With autumn just around the corner we hope you enjoyed some settled summer weather.

Posted Tuesday February 28, 2023

Our thoughts go out to those who lost loved ones and whose lives are critically impacted by cyclone Gabrielle. We encourage everyone who can to donate to support these communities.

World Hearing Day is this Friday, 3 March. Its focus is about getting hearing services “out there” and really promoting “scale” so many more people around the globe can benefit from hearing loss diagnosis and intervention — the earlier, the better.

In the spirit of the day, from Wednesday 1 to Friday 3 March, Audiology South is donating $20 per hearing test to the Southern Cochlear Implant Programme – so make your hearing test count this year! We’re also giving our customers a free pack of batteries, and free ear plugs to customers who come into our clinics, so now is also a good time to get your hearing aids serviced.

We also attach a WHO poster with tips for healthy ears for you to download.

We are excited about the challenges this year may bring, and about our plans for a new Otago clinic. Over the next few months we’ll bring you further news, so watch this space!

An exciting development is that we are introducing Beltone to our range of hearing devices. Beltone is a huge brand in North America, and respected for its tech innovation and reliability. It’s quickly growing a presence in New Zealand, and is only available from independent audiology providers, making it unique to Audiology South in the lower South Island.

We’re super excited to offer this new brand and give clients another choice in hearing instruments. Beltone’s latest platforms include the Imagine and Achieve series, offering Bluetooth functionality and rechargeable batteries, even in various custom in-the-ear models. We look forward to an exciting future with Beltone in our product mix!

From now until the end of May 2023 you can experience the Beltone difference. Check out of special offer in this newsletter.

Have you been told you could benefit from hearing aids, but decided you’d “just wait and see?” if they were “really necessary”? There are many good reasons why you shouldn’t just wait and see, and we cover a few of these in this issue.

You can also read about hearing aids as fitness trackers! And in this issue’s cuteness spot we introduce you to Trix, our sponsored puppy training to be a Hearing Dog.

Simon Melville, Senior Audiologist and Managing Director



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