World Hearing Day was on Sunday 3 March!

It probably passed many people by, but the team at Audiology South, while going about their weekend activities, took time to reflect on the message: “Let’s make ear and hearing care a reality for all!”

Posted Monday March 11, 2024

A major impediment to this is people’s ingrained misperceptions about hearing loss and the stigma of hearing aids. Mindsets are a reason people don’t protect their hearing or seek help if they have a hearing loss.

It's not just an issue in your street or neighbourhood, WHO says it’s global, reporting that over 80% of the world’s population have unmet ear and hearing care needs at an annual cost of nearly US$1 trillion. And hearing loss is on the rise. It is affecting young people at an alarming rate due to increased exposure to loud noises in our everyday lives — loud music, personal devices, and even recreational activities.

That’s a major problem which, WHO says, can be addressed by changing mindsets so more people feel comfortable to access services and technology, which will help to mitigate the cost of unaddressed hearing loss. It's important people take steps to protect their hearing and also get regular hearing tests.

The are many social and health benefits of good hearing health, so just like your dental check up, or appointment with your optometrist, an annual hearing test should be part of your yearly health checks.

March is Hearing Awareness month at Audiology South. And our current offer — a FREE 14-day hearing aid trial will run to the end of May. So book an appointment now for a FREE hearing test and try them out. Call 0800 547 836 or book online.

Let’s make ear and hearing care a reality for all!


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