Exciting new hearing aids announced

I’ve just returned from a seminar hosted by Oticon who have given select Audiologists in NZ and Australia a sneak preview of their new platform they are soon to launch. The new product series known as “Open” promises a range of new features made possible by a new chip they have produced called Velox operating 50 times faster than their current Inium Sense platform. Sampling sound at such speeds has allowed Oticon to develop a new protocol for sampling (and transferring) sound.

This should result in new paradigms to assist with filtering out unwanted, background noise as well as significantly reduce feedback sound and the annoyance of wind noise which hearing instrument users often complain about. Oticon have also gone one step further allowing wireless signals directly into their new aids. This will enable users of “Open” to stream phone calls/ music directly into their hearing instruments, adjust them through the use of an App on their smart phones/ devices but also connect to the internet.

It could all be possible to turn boil a jug at home or activate your alarm system at work through the push of a button on your hearing aid- how cool is that? …If only we could get the hearing instruments to cook dinner or vacuum the floor! If you’re as excited as me about the potential here you’ll have a small wait. These devices are finalising their clinical trials and are being manufactured as I write this blog. Oticon are promising to have the new software to us and training complete by June with devices being shipped from late June/ early July. Watch this space for more!

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