What's this about OTC hearing aids?

You may have noticed the increasing availability of over the counter hearing aids. This change came about from a US Food and Drug Administration initiative during the Obama presidency in response to an expected increase in the need for hearing aids as populations age.

Posted Wednesday December 7, 2022

Use of hearing aids in the US is still low because of price, lack of awareness of their advantages, and lack of access to services and products. 

OTC hearing aids offer people a low-cost, easy-to-buy product. They are not too dissimilar to the reading glasses you can buy off the shelf at chemists and supermarkets. They may offer a place for consumers to start to see if they could benefit from amplification — especially for those who are IT savvy and prepared to experiment. Some OTC devices are coming onto the world wide consumer market and we are fielding a few more questions about these.

OTC hearing aids are not suited to all hearing losses, any more than reading glasses will suit all eyesight needs. When you need hearing aids, clients will receive a better product and outcome from professional advice and fitting.


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