Fit and forget, hassle-free hearing

The undetectable, fit and forget Lyric hearing aids are proving popular, and now we can fit them at our Dunedin clinic.

Posted Sunday June 26, 2022

They suit many people’s lifestyles and hearing needs because they are tiny and invisible, and are worn 24/7 for months at a time without ever having to be removed for daily activities – exercising, sleeping, even showering. Lyric provides benefits unlike any other hearing aid for unrestricted living: no maintenance, no batteries, and once they are fitted, you can forget you are even wearing them.

Lyric is placed in your ear canal near your eardrum by our trained professionals, so it is 100% invisible. It uses the anatomy of your ear to localise sound so you experience full, natural sound.

Micro engineering

Lyric incorporates the best of Swiss precision with Silicon Valley origins to sit comfortably in your ear, and it comes in a broad size range – XXS to XXL– so comfortably fits different ear sizes.

To learn more about the wonders of these invisible hearing aids, and to find out whether they are suitable for your hearing needs, make an appointment with your local Audiology South clinic for a FREE 30-day risk-free trial. Call 0800 547 836 to book your appointment.

You can also learn more from these Lyric testimonials

24/7 tinnitus relief

Are you bothered by unrelenting tinnitus? Lyric may be able to relieve your symptoms. Although there is no cure for tinnitus, there are various effective forms of treatments. So talk with Audiology South to see if Lyric could provide relief from your tinnitus.

Subscription-based hearing

Lyric is available only on subscription, which covers one year — including replacement devices and servicing. Lyric’s yearly subscription provides you with new devices on a regular basis. There are no repairs or battery replacements needed, so you will receive technology updates as they become available. Discuss a subscription option with your hearing care provider.

Call 0800 547 836 to book your FREE 30-day, risk-free trial.


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