Waxing Lyrical

This month marks two years since we first fitted Lyric — the completely invisible hearing aid that our Lyric specialists place inside your ear, near your eardrum — and the number of Lyric subscriptions keeps growing as users enjoy its discrete, convenient nature!

Posted Tuesday September 12, 2023

More importantly, it’s worn 24/7 so you get a constant hearing benefit from the device, which is not only helpful for annoying tinnitus but also for your cognition.

Current researchers refer to the concept of ‘ageing well’ — well-hearing means well-being! With all the research links between hearing loss and its negative effects on cognition and long-term brain health, multiple studies have shown that wearing amplification helps delay the onset of cognitive decline. Technically, as Lyric is worn all the time, the ear and auditory system have the maximum stimulation feasible to delay and possibly reverse negative cognitive effects.

To find out more about Lyric check out our website, or call us on 0800 547 836 to book an appointment to see if Lyric may suit your ear and hearing needs.


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