Who would ever have thought that hearing aids could be a fitness tracker?

Five years ago if someone had predicted that hearing aids would soon be able to track physical activity, you would have laughed. And yet now there is one that can do just that.

Posted Tuesday February 28, 2023

Like other activity trackers, it tracks heart rate, steps, activity levels and distance walked or ran.

It turns out the ear is a great place to track activity. It’s a fascinating organ: as well as controlling our sense of balance and it can also monitor our heart rate, body temperature, blood pressure, and physical activity such as walking or running. 

We all know the importance of physical activity. It’s good for our hearts, bodies and minds and can help prevent and manage heart disease, Type II diabetes and cancer. Physical activity can also reduce symptoms of depression and anxiety, and enhance thinking, learning and overall well-being. 

Did you know hearing loss often goes hand in hand with a reduction in physical activity. Audéo Fit, paired with the myPhonak app, gives you an option to set activity goals and track your progress. And, to count your steps, perhaps you’ll wear your hearing aids for longer, which has to be a good thing.

To learn more visit www.phonakpro.com.


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