Most causes of hearing loss can’t be prevented, but noise-induced hearing loss can!

10 tips to protect your ears from noise-induced hearing loss

Posted Tuesday April 11, 2023

  1. Avoid loud or noisy activities and places, when possible.
  2. If you can't avoid them, use hearing protection. Foam earplugs are an economical solution, but custom-fit hearing protection products are even better at reducing sound levels. Talk to the Audiology South team about what will suit you.
  3. Limit your time exposed to noises above 85 dB.
  1. Turn down the volume on the TV, radio, or when listening to headphones.
  2. When listening to loud sounds (like music, concerts, fitness classes, etc.), take breaks from the noise.
  3. Move away from the loudest sound source (e.g., speakers, fireworks, sirens).
  4. Give your ears time to recover after being exposed to loud noises.
  5. Do not put anything smaller than your elbow in your ear! This includes cotton swabs, bobby pins, keys, paperclips, or anything else you might use to clean or scratch your ears.
  6. Keep moving! Exercise keeps the blood pumping throughout the body, including the ears. This keeps the internal parts of the ears healthy.
  7. Get your hearing tested, especially if you experience a change in your hearing, or ringing or fullness in your ears for over 24 hours.

If you think you have hearing loss, call the friendly team at Audiology South to make an appointment to have your hearing tested, 0800 547 836, or book online.