Adrienne Melton lives in Paradise

Dunedin resident Adrienne Melton loves to travel. Which was a major impetus to get her hearing sorted!

Posted Thursday August 4, 2022

“I was struggling with the motivation to do something about my hearing, but I love travelling, so an overseas trip was my catalyst to get going,”she says.

Adrienne’s family has a genetic condition that affects hearing, which means the older they get, the more deaf they become.

“I knew I’d eventually need hearing aids and finally did something about it in my late 40s. Gosh, I didn’t realise how tired I was getting because I was concentrating so much on hearing. When I first got hearing aids 5 years ago, I was a lot less tired.”

Just over a year ago Adrienne replaced her old devices with a pair of Phonak Paradise. With her first aids, she says, her ability to hear speech fluctuated with the environment, so she was waiting for technology to meet her needs. Her new hearing aids deliver so much more, plus additional extras. “You just may not realise what technology can do,” she says.

“I have a top of the range hearing loss, so need serious hearing aid technology, and I didn’t realise brands varied so much in the hearing they delivered. When I googled Phonak the brand stood out, and they deliver what they promise.”

Adrienne says it took a few weeks to get used to her first pair, but not with her new Phonak ones. “These aids give a clearer, natural sound. I was quite amazed; I could not get over the difference,” she says.

“I can control the settings in my phone app — volume and tone and so much more — so the aids automatically work out where I am – maybe a noisy restaurant. At the movies now I hear the dialogue rather than loud popcorn munching beside me. I have much clearer hearing in meetings as well. I don’t mind the expense, if I get the hearing,” she says.

“And they have such convenient features. I couldn’t be bothered with batteries and these aids are rechargeable. I get a sound in my ears for text messages and phone calls, which is really good.”

Adrienne is an activities coordinator in a rest home that is coping with managing COVID in its community. Wearing masks, glasses and hearing aids all together is a challenge, yet made easier by the clearer, natural hearing her aids provide.


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