Tired and sluggish at the end of the day? Hearing aids might be the answer

Did you know there is a connection between how hard it is to hear and how tired you are at the end of the day?

Posted Tuesday February 13, 2024

Struggling to hear drains your energy and often leaves you feeling exhausted. Well, studies suggest that wearing your hearing aids throughout the day can reduce your weariness.

While previous studies have shown the beneficial impact of hearing aids on fatigue, a recent study used test paradigms that better reflect everyday life. Participants undertook subjective and objective measures of listening effort and fatigue with and without amplification at various stages of the ‘day’ and after different listening tasks.

Naturally, concentration and fatigue increased over time whether wearing a hearing aid or not. However, by the end of the day fatigue ratings were significantly lower if wearing hearing aids.

And when a TV connector streaming audio was added, reaction times were considerably faster and more accurate. It is no surprise that additional technology to support listening helps to reduce hearing loss fatigue.

The research for this article is available at the Phonak Audiology Blog.


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