A lyrical solution to hearing better

Imagine a hearing aid that is inserted in your ear, and then lets you get on with living without having to think about it for weeks. You won’t have to take it out when you shower, or sleep, or ride your bike, or go bush for a long weekend. No more recharging or fiddling with batteries.

Posted Tuesday November 23, 2021

Phonak has just such a device — Lyric — and Audiology South’s expertly trained audiologists are offering Southland and Queenstown customers an opportunity to try it free for 30 days. We are the only provider south of Christchurch with the expertise to fit them.

Thanks to Lyric’s exclusive extended wear technology, long-lasting internal battery, and moisture protection, it provides exceptional natural sound, from the shower to the golf course and meeting room – and it does so invisibly, 24/7, for months. Wearers report they hear at near normal levels, and you don’t have to contend with wind noise.

Other benefits

These in-canal hearing aids are so small they are completely invisible. They’re great for people who use devices such as stethoscopes, telephones or headphones and find hearing aids difficult to wear.

Who can use these?

Lyric is only suitable for adults, but not every adult. They are not suitable for those whose work or leisure activities include air pressure changes, such as deep sea, scuba or sky diving. You must also be in good health with a healthy heart and no issues with the skin or wax in your ear canals. We will assess your ears to ensure they are suitable to fit and remove the devices. So if you would like to try out these devices ask your Southland-based audiology team if they will be good for you.

Lyric’s miniature size, combined with its exceptional build quality, allows it to sit comfortably in the ear, around the clock. Originating from Silicon Valley, Lyric incorporates Swiss precision engineering to create a work of technological art.

What is the cost?

The devices are supplied on a subscription for year at time, with up to eight device changes per ear per year. Our 30-day non-obligation trial will help you decide if they are suitable for you. After the trial you can choose whether to subscribe, and every eight to ten weeks we’ll replace the device. Ask at your clinic for a quote.

And go to Phonak to find out more.


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