Audiology South's community Hails for more

An overwhelmingly positive response to another organisation's transition from PDF newsletters to brilliant storytelling with Hail.

Posted Wednesday November 27, 2019

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When designing and building Hail we had two main goals:

  • to make the workflow of content creators simpler, faster and more collaborative;
  • and to create content experiences that audiences will love.

We've had plenty of great feedback from our early adopter content creators, and with every new organisation that comes onboard we're as thrilled by their community's feedback as they are.

Audiology South, one of the latest organisations to jump on board with Hail, has just curated and published their first newsletter. With one click they pushed it out to their subscribers on social media and as a beautifully formatted, mobile-friendly email newsletter. The immediate, unsolicited influx of likes and social media comments and shares from their community says it all:

Like the new format!