Unitron hearing devices arrive at Audiology South

Audiologist Nicholas Muir is delighted to welcome Unitron’s hearing technology into Audiology South’s suite of solutions. “Unitron was my first hearing aid when I started wearing them at school,” he says, “and the technology has certainly come a long way since then”.

Posted Tuesday February 13, 2024

“It’s a brand I’ve worked with before, so it’s nice to be fitting them again. They have a wide range of styles and features including rechargeable options, Bluetooth connectivity with a wide range of cell phones, and availability of wireless accessories. Being a reputable Canadian brand, Unitron is also backed up by excellent support and service here in New Zealand,” Nicholas says.

The hearing aids’ operating system, Integra OS, senses which environments you’re in – from quiet to complex – and automatically adjusts. Because no two environments are exactly the same, depending on the model, they may blend 8 different modes to optimise listening in any given environment. Some models have access to programs specific to hearing in cars and can focus on speech regardless of where passengers are sitting.

“One of the things I do like about Unitron is the capability to personalise hearing aids to the individual, for example, when paired with the smartphone app and activated, “Insights” makes it possible for clients to send feedback to the audiologist about how the hearing aids are performing in specific environments. Another feature, “Log It All”, can provide a breakdown of your listening environments and how well each technology will support your individual needs.

Other features of the range are FLEX:TRIAL™ and FLEX:UPGRADE™. 

“FLEX:TRIAL™ gives wearers the opportunity to trial different technology levels in their day-to-day world to see if they suit their needs and lifestyle. And FLEX:UPGRADE™ is a cost-effective way to upgrade your existing Unitron hearing technology if your needs or lifestyle and circumstances change down the line.

“It’s a good way to future-proof your hearing needs, knowing that the technology and features of your Unitron hearing aids can be upgraded during their life span.” Nicholas says.

Take advantage of the 14-day free trial of these innovative hearing devices. Book your appointment now, call 0800 547 836 or book online.


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