Autumn in full colour

We hope you’re enjoying the autumn colours, and the freshness of the new season. It’s been great having Easter and these longer weekends to enjoy it all!

Posted Monday April 25, 2022

Many people are asking if we’re keeping busy during this pandemic. The answer is yes. Despite the resurgence with Omicron our clinics continue to hum along! This is probably helped by high vaccination rates and the hygiene precautions we have in our clinics, which mean people feel safe coming into a healthcare environment. We’ve been extremely lucky that not many clients have reported sickness from Covid, nor have we had many of our team home isolating — fingers crossed this may continue!

To date, we’re also lucky that our hearing aid suppliers have kept their supply chains moving along despite the pandemic, probably helped by the small size of hearing aid components which make them easy to freight around the globe. Hearing aid companies continue to release new products on to the market, including Phonak’s latest Paradise platform, Audéo Life, the world’s first fully rechargeable, waterproof hearing aid. This will be released into the New Zealand market in May, so if you’re interested, now is a great time to check them out with our free 14-day trial on Phonak’s entire range of hearing devices.

As usual, we love and welcome your feedback. So, if there is anything you’d like us to cover in an upcoming edition of the Sounding Board please drop me an email,

Simon Melville
Senior Audiologist and Director


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