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The really good news is that there are some great hearing aid funding options for NZ residents; most adults will qualify for either the Government’s subsidy or another funding assistance option. At Audiology South, it will be our pleasure to do all we can to help you assess your options and apply for the funding which best suits you and your particular circumstances. Outlined below is a summary of available funding options, but our helpful staff can supply more detail.

Ministry of Health's subsidy

Those paying privately for their hearing aids will be eligible for the Ministry of Health’s subsidy, currently set at $511.11 per device ($1022.22 per set, including GST), and is renewable every six years. Most hearing aids sold by Audiology South qualify for this subsidy. Ask us for more information about this exciting option – we’ll be delighted to help.


ACC will assist with the cost of treatment and hearing aids (and servicing/repair) for people whose hearing has been damaged in the workplace through long-term noise exposure or as a result of an injury. If working in an industry such as farming or factory work has impacted on your hearing, we will give you advice and assistance to help you with your ACC hearing loss claim.

Veteran Affairs

Veteran Affairs may assist those who have suffered hearing loss related to active service. If you’ve served in the Armed Forces and you believe this has impacted on your hearing, let us know and we can assist you in submitting your funding application or contact your Veteran Affairs Case Manager.

Health insurance

Health insurance companies often provide certain amounts of audiology cover (at least for hearing services). Be sure to check your policy for details!

Work & Income NZ

Work & Income NZ may provide repayable hearing aid loans of up to $1000 (and in some instances more) for those currently receiving work and income support. Ask us today about how this could benefit you or your circumstances.


For certain people with multiple disabilities or financial hardship, funding assistance may be provided under "ENABLE"/EMS regulations. For example, those with long duration moderate to severe hearing loss those needing amplification for their employment, study or to be a caregiver may qualify for funding. In addition, all children up to and including 21 years of age whilst attending educational courses also qualify for funding assistance for hearing aids.

At Audiology South, we work hard with patients to resolve their requirements for hearing aids and funding needs. We sometimes have to think ‘outside the square’ to come up with innovative solutions. Over time, we’ve managed to secure some funding for nearly all patients who have come to us for help.

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We will be only too happy to talk you through some of your options. For unique cases where individuals are both unable to afford hearing aids, and find they are not eligible for any of the above forms of assistance, there may be other ways that assistance can be accessed. Each year, we like to do our bit to help some deserving people obtain hearing aids via The NZ Audiological Society Hearing Aid Bank, which distributes hearing aids which have been donated to them. Our Audiologists can give you more information on this.

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