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What To Expect During A Hearing Test

What to expect during a hearing test If you’re thinking about booking a hearing test, you may be wondering what type of appointment you need. There are different tests for different purposes and hearing conditions. Your audiologist will advise you which type of appointment is most suitable for you. How do you prepare for a […]

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Winton Hearing Clinic Opens

Winton hearing clinic opens its doors Good news Winton residents. You no longer have to travel to Invercargill for hearing care services. On 16 October, we opened the doors of our new, conveniently located hearing clinic at 235 Great North Road, Winton (right inbetween Lodge Electrical and Adagio Café). We’ve been visiting Winton for years, […]

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Teenagers risk hearing loss from listening to loud music

Do teenagers using earphones risk damaging their hearing? Hearing and Healthcare Professionals are seeing more young people with hearing loss caused by loud music and, according to World Health Organisation (WHO) studies, nearly 50% of teenagers and young adults aged 12–35 are at risk of hearing loss from the unsafe use of their MP3 players […]

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What is Earwax? How to Get Rid of Earwax & Why We Have it

Cerumen; we all have it, and it serves a vital purpose to keep our ears healthy What are we talking about? Earwax. Small glands in the outer ear canal make earwax (or cerumen), which works to protect your ears against infections. So, what is earwax? It is 20-50% fat, and keeps your ears protected against […]

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Audiology South you’ve done it again!

Dunedin Clinic Opens!We are delighted to announce on 5th September 2016 we are opening our doors to our brand new clinic situated in the vibrant heart of Dunedin City. As with our other clinics, Invercargill and Queenstown, our aim is to continue on providing our core values that we believe sets us apart from the […]

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