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As the hearing aid market has grown, so has the choice of hearing aid accessories. Each hearing aid company has developed gadgets to help connect their customers to the world around them using the latest technology, helping them to get the best results from their aids.

hearing aid plus wireless accessories

FM or Remote Mic systems improve amplification in difficult listening environments, transmitting the sound from the source directly into the hearing aid, while other accessories link hearing instruments via a wireless connection direct to landline or mobile phones, television or other music/sound sources to minimise unwanted background noise and interference.

GN ReSound with their Linx range of aids and other leading hearing aid manufacturers have taken things one step further recently by linking their hearing aids directly with smartphone and other tablet/ computer devices via apps, offering users full control of their aids (and even help finding them!)

Help for non-hearing-aid wearers

Hearing accessories can also help people with specific hearing requirements who can’t wear hearing aids or who aren’t quite ready for them. These include:

  • Phones with amplified receivers
  • Listening devices for television or music

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