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This rechargeable hearing aid lasts the distance

Rechargeable hearing aid technology has improved greatly over the past year with many manufacturers now looking to introduce models and some have already made a start!

They are great for people with poor dexterity, or vision, or for those who are ‘on the go’ all day. The aids are charged over night and worn throughout the day. Combined with the fact that the battery compartment is sealed, this frees users from the hassle of changing batteries.

Phonak recently introduced the Belong range of hearing instruments. These aid’s lithium-ion rechargeable battery now guarantees 24 hours of continued use. And despite the initial upfront cost, over the lifespan of the aids the running costs should be greatly reduced.
You’re also helping the environment by reducing the number of batteries ending up in landfills or recycle stations! Typically, a hearing aid that uses disposable batteries will go through around 100 a year.

Just 3 hours of charging will provide 24 hours hearing, and a 30-minute fast-charge will give 6 hours of immediate use. The built-in battery will last the lifetime of the hearing aid, even after years of repeated charging.

Effortless hearing

Belong hearing instruments are fully automatic so there is no need to press buttons or switch between listening programs. According to Phonak’s research Belong’s “automatic selection” delivers 20% better speech understanding in general, and 60% improvement in a noisy environment — dining with friends in a noisy restaurant, driving a car, or listening to music. All models are IP68 rated, meaning that they are dust-tight and protected against water.

Watch the video to learn more about Phonak Belong.

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And, what’s more, you will also receive an in-clinic demonstration of how Phonak’s new DECT phone can help simplify your life through better hearing. This cordless telephone can make a world of difference to how well you can hear your friends and loved ones. It works directly with Phonak hearing aids, automatically transmitting the signal to the aids, reducing background noise, and maximising speech understanding.

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