Sounding Board #16

November 2019

The countdown to the holidays has started

We know you’ll want your hearing at its best so now is a good time to stock up on batteries and consumables.

To make sure you don’t run out over the break, drop in to see our friendly team at your nearest clinic. If you need to have your hearing checked or hearing aids tuned, call 0800 547 836 to make an appointment.

We’ve been busy at Audiology South, wrapping up our technology upgrade offer and moving on to bring you stories about journeys to better hearing. So many of our clients live interesting and busy lives. You’ll have seen some of their stories in the local papers and our brochures. Everyone’s story is different, but the strong message is that hearing aids change peoples’ lives.

We’re also very pleased to introduce you to our new-look, easy to use website! Bookmark it for future reference and send us your feedback and suggestions for content you’d like to see included.

As always, if you’ve an idea for a service, or a suggestion on how we can do things better, email or drop me a line at

Simon Melville, Director & Senior Audiologist.

Dugald does his bit for the environment

Congratulations to Dugald Mactavish on receiving a QSM in the Queens Birthday Honours for services to conservation and the environment. Dugald is a client at Dunedin, and we were delighted to read a feature on his work in the Otago Daily Times. True to his environmental commitment, Dugald wears rechargeable hearing aids.

You can read the newspaper article at this link.

“Why anybody wouldn’t want to use this technology makes no sense to me”

Grant Hubber thought his hearing troubles were tinnitus. But when a friend said, “There are treatments for tinnitus; go see Audiology South”, he discovered that he was deaf.

“I couldn’t believe it! I was only in my mid-fifties. And the stigma of it as well! I know what it's like not wanting to look like a twit because you can't hear. But if nothing is done, things may get quite bad.”

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A new addition to the Oamaru community

Since opening in August, the Oamaru clinic is going well. Libby Johnson is your client care manager from Monday to Wednesday, and on Thursday and Friday Wendy McCoy takes over the reception desk. Together they make sure your visit goes smoothly and that audiologists Anthony Rowcroft and Anne McElwain are supported in their practice.

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Keeping up with technology

Simon Melville recently spent two days immersed in Widex technology. “At Audiology South we’re committed to keeping up with developments in hearing technology so we can advise clients on the best devices to suit their individual needs.”

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A cultural business exchange

Four South Korean hearing care professionals came for three days to experience Kiwi audiology.

Last July, Audiology South was one of two practices at a global audiology forum to present on their businesses, and Simon Melville’s address caught the attention of the Korean delegates. In November they came Down Under to learn about Kiwi audiology practices

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