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Mairead Fox

Ear Nurse Dunedin

Mairead Fox has joined Audiology South Dunedin as our dedicated Ear Nurse.  She’ll be in clinic two days a week, Monday and Thursday, to provide a wax removal service, and assist with hearing tests, hearing aid adjustments, mould impressions and advise on ear hygiene.

Mairead grew up in South Canterbury and has been in Dunedin since 2008. As well as her work at Audiology South she works for a local GP clinic as a practice nurse. ‘I love to help people, so ear suctioning is very rewarding because it provides instant relief to a problem,’ she says.

Excessive earwax can cause tinnitus and problems for people who wear hearing aids. Mairead’s gentle process of microsuction under a microscope is safer and more effective than syringing. So if you, or someone you know, is concerned about blocked ears or excessive earwax, call our Dunedin clinic on (03) 471 5866 to make an appointment to see Mairead.

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