invisible?. Lyric.

100% natural sound.

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24/7 reliability and enhanced wearing comfort.

Positive cognitive effects so you don't miss anything.

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Lyric is unlike any other hearing aid available on the market

This tiny state-of-the-art hearing technology remains out of sight and out of mind so you can enjoy full natural sound quality.

Because it’s 100% invisible, providing 24/7 hearing, Lyric never gets in the way. Experience all day quality hearing performance for months at a time1 without inserting or removing it or ever having to change batteries. Lyric truly is, in a class of its own.

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Lyric is a masterpiece of micro-engineering

Lyric’s miniature size, combined with its exceptional build quality, allows it to sit comfortably in the ear around the clock. Originating from Silicon Valley, Lyric incorporates Swiss precision engineering to create a work of technological art.

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