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Cerumen or earwax removal

Queenstown clinic finally opened.

Wow, our long awaited clinic in Queenstown is finally here!On 09 May 2016 our new clinic will open at Aurum House, Terrace Junction (beside the BP Service Station roundabout). We’re so excited to bring the Audiology South brand to Central Otago and even more excited at how the clinic is going to look. We’ve crafted […]

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Exciting new era of hearing aids announced

Exciting new hearing aids announcedI’ve just returned from a seminar hosted by Oticon who have given select Audiologists in NZ and Australia a sneak preview of their new platform they are soon to launch. The new product series known as “Open” promises a range of new features made possible by a new chip they have […]

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Hearing aid options abound

Hearing aid options aboundIn NZ we are very privileged to have some great funding schemes available for hearing impaired.From ACC, Veteran Affairs to the Ministry of Health there are a number of funding avenues to support those needing amplification.It’s especially important when considering to purchase some aids that the person is fully informed just as […]

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More young people losing hearing through loud music

More young people losing hearing through loud musicAudiologists are appealing to people to be more aware of the risks of listening to loud music continuously as part of the National Foundation for the Deaf’s Hearing week campaign.Audiology South senior audiologist Simon Melville said clinicians were seeing more young people with hearing loss caused by loud […]

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