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Charity & Giving Back

Community Minded

Giving back is a BIG part of our business philosophy. We believe successful businesses should make a stand and support their local communities as much as they can! Each year we give both in time, money and spirit to charities and events relating to hearing impairment and love doing this.

Our main support charity for 2015 was the Southern Cochlear Implant Programme. This trust is responsible for providing Cochlear Implants and the precious gift of hearing to severe and profoundly deafened children and adults and does an amazing job at this! Feel free to make a donation at any of our clinics in the collection boxes - each year the company will match dollar for dollar any proceeds raised in addition to our fund raising events along the ways!

Each December Audiology South also fits a number of FREE hearing aids to less fortunate Southlanders to ensure they can hear those precious sounds of Christmas again. We also recycle and donate any hearing aids that can be re-used with the hearing impaired abroad. Each year we package up a number of good working hearing aids bound for needy ears in the South Pacific region. If you have any older/ spare aids and would like them to go to a good home we’d love to help!

Finally, we get behind some very needy and important fundraising events on an annual basis including “Pink Ribbon - raising funds for the help and prevention of breast cancer as well as “Loud Shirt Day”, a fund raising event for Cochlear Implants for the people of New Zealand.


Audiology South also believes in helping create a sustainable planet. We try to minimise waste and recycle wherever we can. All packaging from our superb suppliers is recycled or donated to local pre-schools to allow the growing minds in our community create something fun and amazing!

We also encourage battery recycling and have partnered with a recycling company based in New Zealand to ensure something good comes of old/discarded batteries! Be sure to ask us about this when you’re in clinic next (or better still, bring in your old, expired batteries - we’d love to help)

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